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A Crypto-Wallet Watch That Locks to the Beat of Your Heart

Heartbeat vector

In case you were worried that a practically unhackable 256-bit AES encrypted password is not enough to keep your hardware wallet safe, you can now lock it with something completely unique to you – your heartbeat.

A new, wearable hardware wallet has come on the market that stores digital currency and can be locked and unlocked using an ECG signature – a biometric method of verification that recognizes heartbeat patterns. Your only concern now is bumping into someone who has the same heartbeat as you – U2 fans beware!

The device is a 3mm thick disc that can be worn as a watch, pendant, necklace or simply kept like a coin in your actual, traditional hardware wallet – remember that one that used to hold cash before you got into crypto?

It comes with a wireless charger and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone which you can use to complete transactions and other functions.

The advantage of biometric verification means you never have to worry about forgetting a password – you just need to ensure your heartbeat never changes. Celebrities and rock stars might have trouble accessing their funds at 3 am on a Saturday night, but the rest of us should be good.

The concept wallet, called Trove, was developed by Layer Design, a London fintech company.

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