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Barclays Rumoured to be Investigating Crypto Trading

barclays bank on highstreet

According to job titles on Linkedin, it would appear two employees of UK-based financial institute Barclays Bank are working on a potential digital assets trading desk for the company.

Previous global head of energy, Chris Tyrer, has recently changed his occupation listing on Linkedin to “Head of Digital Assets: Barclays Investment Bank” and Matthieu Duval who was previously an oil options trader now describes himself as a “Digital Assets Trading Consultant” at Barclays.

Despite confirming that the information is correct, Duval has since removed it from his Linkedin profile. In addition to the job title, he also claimed to have been employed by the bank to create a business plan for the integration of a digital assets trading desk.

However, a spokesman for Barclays denies that the bank is working on any cryptocurrency related projects or planning to launch a digital assets trading desk.

Earlier this year, online news outlet The ICO Journal reported that Barclays was planning the launch of a trading desk for cryptocurrencies, although their sources chose to remain anonymous. Bloomberg has also released news this year relating to research by Barclays on client interest in digital assets. At the time a spokesman for the bank also claimed they had no definitive plans yet.

Considering the amount of fake news being reported lately in the cryptocurrency community, any such claims should be viewed with a degree of skepticism. However, with recent forays into digital assets by large financial institutions like the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), it would make sense for Barclays to be considering its options.

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