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Bill Clinton and Madonna Get Involved in Ripple

Former US President Bill Clinton speaking

Ripple appears to be quite busy lately getting itself in the limelight. Today the team behind the blockchain-based payments solution have revealed new partnerships with Madonna and ex-president of the United States, Bill Clinton.

In honor of her birthday, Madonna has teamed up with Ripple to raise money for a Malawi-based charity that she set up in 2006 to support orphans in the African nation.

Raising Malawi‘ is a non-profit fundraising initiative that works hand-in-hand with local communities to help unprivileged children gain access to decent education and sufficient healthcare. Last year the organization opened the Mercy James Centre in Malawi to provide free pediatric surgery and intensive care to orphans in what is one of the world’s poorest countries.

Ripple, the payments platform behind the world’s third largest cryptocurrency (XRP), will work with Madonna throughout August on a campaign to raise funds for the cause. Ripple has also agreed to match each donation that it receives, coin for coin. Since its launch two days ago the campaign has already raised almost half of its $60,000 target from over 600 donors.

In an announcement on its webpage, Ripple stated “The non-profit was founded on the belief that vulnerable children deserved more than to ‘just survive.’”

Clinton to speak at Ripple’s ‘Swell’ event

In other celebrity-related Ripple news, former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, will be attending Ripple’s San Francisco-based event ‘Swell’, as a guest speaker.

The event is touted as a meeting place for the world’s leaders in regulatory policy, payments, and technology. The conference this year focuses on blockchain integration in central banks and how the banks have found the experience. Regulatory framework is seen as a huge stumbling block for widespread adoption of blockchain technology – a topic that speakers and personalities at the event will be discussing in detail to try and find the solutions required to overcome specific issues.

Ripple will also be discussing its ledger based cross-border payments system RTGS and discussing the opportunities that can be implemented in remittances, e-commerce, and corporate marketplaces.  

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