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Blockchain Project Provides U.S. Citizens with a Way to Profit from their Medical Data

A new blockchain project called CoverUS is currently on the final day of its crowdfunding campaign, having earned over four times its initial target from investors.

CoverUS is a project that came about over a years ago when New Yorkers Chris Sealey and Andrew Hoppin decided to do something about the problem of adequate health care access in the U.S.

Together they developed a plan to build a blockchain-based system that gives citizens the opportunity to upload their medical information to a database from which medical professionals can then purchase it for research purposes. This benefits both the health industry in keeping records up-to-date and the patient but helping to cover any unexpected future costs. CoverUS estimates that users could be compensated as much as $1,500 a year in the scheme.

The CoverUS website states: “We do this by building a powerful new consumer-driven health data wallet and mobile engagement platform that empowers everyday people to protect and profit from their health data and engagement.”

In addition to earnings from the sale of data, the platform is also open to investors who can become involved in the project and make further earnings as the companies assets mature. Investors can stake as little as $100 through the angel investor platform Republic.

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