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Brave (BAT) Advertising Platform That Rewards You for Browsing is Ready for User Trial

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The Brave browser’s internal consent-based digital advertising platform, powered by the BAT token, has opened its doors for testing by users.

Spearheaded by Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, credited with developing the ‘JavaScript’ programming language, Brave is a privacy-focused web-browser built with an integrated digital advertising ecosystem that seeks to ‘reset’ the digital landscape for publishers, users and advertisers.

A fully-fledged Brave browser would allow users to generate BAT tokens through engagement with advertisements, effectively monetizing users attention. The hope is that this will give rise to a much fairer environment that treats creators, advertisers and users fairly, keeps their data private and anonymous while increasing the relevancy of targeted advertisements.

The BAT token has already been implemented via Brave Payments, functionality that gives users the freedom to anonymously distribute contributions directly to content creators and publishers that they enjoy.

We’re now ready to start voluntary testing of our ad model before we scale to further user trials. Once we’re satisfied with the performance of the ad system, Brave ads will be shown directly in the browser in a private channel to users who consent to see them. When the Brave ad system becomes widely available, users will receive 70% of the gross ad revenue, while preserving their privacy.” an official post reads.

The trial is open to the public via an Early Access group, although earning BAT tokens for participating is still a few months off yet.

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