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Chinese Internet Cafes Cryptojacked for Almost $1 Million Dollars

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Hackers from the Chinese province of Zhejiang have been arrested for allegedly mining almost $1 million worth of Siacoin (SC) from internet cafes across 30 cities last year.

A local news report claims the suspects colluded with computer maintenance firms to install a Siacoin-mining piece of software on the cafe’s machines. Over 100,000 machines were infected and used to mine 5 million yuan (about $800,000) worth of the cryptocurrency.

The hackers split the profits with computer repairmen who secretly installed the malware while performing routine maintenance. Some internet cafes in the city of Rui’An started to notice that their machines were running slow as early as July last year, coinciding with a 400 percent increase in the price of Siacoin. These performance issues combined with significant increases in electricity bills prompted some of the internet cafe owners to contact the police.

The subsequent arrest and questioning of the CEO of the computer maintenance firm resulted in police extracting information about the hackers and making the arrests.

Cryptojacking has been featured prominently in the news lately, with a string of arrests related to illegal Monero (XMR) mining occurring in Japan this month. Android devices that are altered to use the popular video streaming software Kodi have also been targeted. The anonymity provided by crypto assets like Siacoin and Monero make them popular for illegal mining activities.

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