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Coinmint & Innosilicon Join Forces, Two Major Crypto Powerhouses You Didn’t Know About

Two jigsaw pieces as metaphor for strong partnership

Coinmint, the world’s largest data center specifically designed for processing digital currency transactions, and Innosilicon, an industry leader in semiconductors for cryptocurrency mining ASICs, have revealed they will be joining forces.

The two represent enormous interests that have established themselves as heavyweights in behind-the-scenes management of the cryptocurrency infrastructure. Coinmint truly represents the largest in global mining capabilities while Innosilicon is focused on pushing the boundaries when it comes to mining efficiency.

In fact, Coinmint’s flagship mining facility in Massena, New York, covers 1,340 acres and operates on 435-megawatts of electricity. It is almost three times the size of the next largest operation, making it the largest digital currency data center in the world in terms of capacity. The facility services many of the most used cryptocurrencies around the world, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash and Dash.

Innosilicon designs and manufactures cryptography technology utilized by Proof-of-Work (Pow) blockchains, primarily Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCash. The partnership details Coinmint’s adoption of Innosilicon technologies and states that one chip in particular, recently developed by Innosilicon, provides one terrahash of Bitcoin mining power per 85 watts.

The performance of our latest ASICs are on-par with the infrastructure Coinmint is implementing, so the partnership is a natural fit. The Coinmint team are titans in the digital currency data center space. So, this partnership will bind the best miner with the best mining operation and aim to generate the highest return with the least amount of risk.” – Innosilicon VP of Engineering, Roger Mao.

It is understood that both parties were involved in the creation of the Massena mining facility and in 2017 Coinmint actually bought out the Alcoa East Facility, a power plant, in order to guarantee its constant supply of electricity.

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