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CoinShares’ Chairman Danny Masters expects Bitcoin Surge

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In a recent interview with CNBC, Coinshares’ Chairman, Danny Masters laid out his ideas for how Bitcoin could see a potential surge this year. He believes that if better indices and performance measures can be achieved, this will help investors properly understand what is going on and Bitcoin could see significant improvements in value.

He spoke of the need for a ‘token life cycle’ post-ICO that would help give investors better clarity and transparency.  If ICO’s could improve offerings and give a clearer picture of post-ICO activities, this should improve investor trust.

Together these elements can continue building the current cryptocurrency structure that, while powerful, needs consolidation. With the recent surge in cryptocurrencies total market cap, regulators and banks realize it’s a market that can no longer be ignored.

Masters manages over $800 million of crypto assets with Bitshares, which launched the world’s first publicly traded fund for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He stated how just a 5% increase in the cryptocurrency market will be a significant increase and pointed out that while there is no ‘fight to the death’ between crypto and legacy banking, what matters is the percentage it can take over from the traditional financial market.

Despite investor optimism in Blockchain Week New York and the Consensus on Monday, Bitcoin is currently down 5 percent since Monday.

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