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Could You Solve The Latest Bitcoin Puzzle For a 1BTC Reward?

Businessman in bitcoin labyrinth

Earlier this year the Bitcoin puzzle entitled ‘The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto’ was solved by a programmer in just under two months. The puzzle had been around for years and contained clues which revealed the private key to a wallet containing 5 BTC.

Now, a new puzzle has been published claiming to contain the private key to a 1 BTC wallet hidden in its design. The image is considerably different from that of the ‘Legend of Nakamoto’ painting, depicting a far more modern theme and made up of mostly of words and numbers. The black background is scattered with the orange words and numbers from Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper, and over-layed with the Bitcoin symbol.

The anonymous included this cryptic post along with the picture:

This work is comprised of Satoshi Nakamoto’s famous whitepaper words, scaled by Log N. Disparate ideas inspired Satoshi to create a solution to revolutionize modern socio-economics and industry. The work reflects on the elements that brought this technology to life and challenges the underlying security model. Hidden in plain sight lies something more: a treasure hunt. 1 BTC is concealed within the work.”

So far nobody has been able to crack it and the creator says they will publish hints in a week if it remains unsolved. Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, there have been many puzzles published, with many remaining unsolved.  Reddit even has a sub dedicated to the phenomenon – r/bitcoinpuzzles.

In February this year a Steam-integrated game puzzle called Montecrypto, worth fifty thousand dollars, was solved by a so-called ‘armchair detective’.

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