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DecentBet (DBET) to go Live on VeChain as its first DApp

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The blockchain-based gaming and casino development platform DecentBet (DBET) has announced it will be the first decentralized app (DApp) to go live on the VeChain blockchain.

It made the announcement via Twitter and on its own Medium blog.

DecentBet began its life as a DApp on the Ethereum blockchain but chose to transition to VeChain for its advanced scalability and access to specialized developers. As a result of the move, DBET has had to delay its mainnet launch to October 31ts but believe the set back was worth it to deliver a higher quality product to its fans.

The move will see DBET migrate from Ethereums ERC20 token to the VIP-180 token used by VeChain on its new mobile wallet.

In the medium post, DBET also announced signing up its first brand ambassador, Phil Hellmuch – the most successful tournament poker player in the world. The post also speaks of important new additions to staff and how the project has changed from its original vision to a more interactive experience for users.

As the first DApp project to launch on the VeChain blockchain, DBET expects there to be a few problems to iron out any further auditing and development to be completed. As a result, the mainnet will be launched as a closed beta version and participants will be selected to test the system and work directly with developers to resolve any issues before a public launch.

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