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Digital Economy a Top Priority for Belarus, Planned Resolution For OSCE Meeting

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Local news outlet BelTA reported yesterday that Belarus is developing a resolution to promote digitizing the economy, which they consider a top priority. They intend to present their resolution at a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE PA).

Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the House of Representatives, revealed the development of the resolution for the OCSE PA session in Berlin:

Berlin will host the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly session in July this year. The Belarusian resolution is aimed at promoting the digital economy. It also deals with the issues of economic growth in the OSCE region, elimination of various obstacles and barriers, harmonization of standards, etc.”

Sergey Popkov, Minister of Telecommunications and Informatization, was quoted as saying that digital technology is a top priority as it has the potential to transform the economy, public administration and social services. He also gave praise to the Decree on the Development of Digital Economy, which has recently been adopted and promotes more liberal conditions for businesses using cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies such as smart contracts.

With the resolution already prepared, the important task now is acquiring the necessary signatures required to ensure it passes legislation. Andreichenko intends enlisting the support of the Georgian MPs to help bolster the strength of the resolution and noted their active cooperation in international organizations like the United Nations.

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has been in the news lately when it announced plans to impose stricter requirements for individuals. The plans intend to help unqualified investors from losing money by ensuring investors fit certain criteria, such as education or work experience.  A potential investors income and savings will also come into question.

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