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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Questions IMMO and the Rothschilds’ Power

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In an article published last week, questions were raised regarding leaked information suggesting that the global economic dynasty, the Rothschilds, were getting involved in cryptocurrency.  

Certainly, evidence seems to suggest so, with a number of crypto activities initiated lately being tied to Rothschilds Group companies. In February, Bitfinex linked their Tether accounts to The Rothschild Group’s ING bank, causing a growth in profit indicators for the bank. Later that same month, the U.S.-based exchange Poloniex was bought out by Circle, whose main shareholder is Goldman Sachs – also a Rothschild Group company.

New information from various sources suggests that a project called IMMO has been setup and is being monitored by Alexandre de Rothschild himself. There is speculation that IMMO may be the Rothschild Group’s own cryptocurrency venture. Earlier this month, on May 17th, Alexandre de Rothschild took over as head of Rothschild & Co.

Amongst the various theories on what IMMO really is, some interesting points have been made. Considering the Rothschild’s already control a huge amount of fiat currency backed by the supposedly stable gold price, it’s unlikely that they would be interested in the volatile crypto-asset market. It seems more likely that if IMMO is a coin, it would be a stable coin linked to USD and not subject to rate fluctuations.

Another theory is that IMMO will be a private blockchain within which the Rothschilds can conduct business safely, accumulating tokens that can be left to their descendants. This would also, in theory, free their assets from being tied to specific countries. I don’t really see any logic in this as it wouldn’t introduce their business into the cryptomarket, so why bother with a decentralized technology like blockchain? One could argue that it would give them an introduction to digital assets, but since fiat currency nowadays is practically digital anyway, it seems redundant.

It is also assumed that IMMO is short for “immobilien”, a German word for property. This may mean the new project is related to real estate.

Whatever it is, it’s certainly raised understandable concern amongst the crypto-world, enough so that Vitalik Buterin himself has posed the question:

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