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Former World Bank Economist Bets Bitcoin (BTC) Will Drop to $1.5k

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Leah Wald, a former World Bank economist and co-founder of military mentoring network Veterati, has made a bet on Twitter with crypto trader @FlibFlib that Bitcoin will drop below $1,500 in value before reaching $6,000 again.

In a Twitter post confirming the terms of the bet, Wald provided a graph revealing her technical analysis of how Bitcoin’s current trading pattern could take the digital asset below $1,500 in value. In a comment following up on the tweet, Wald confirmed that she is still very bullish on Bitcoin in the long-term, responding to concerns from Tone Vays that she stands to lose far more than @FlibFlib in the bet.

Bets on Bitcoin’s price action have become something of a regular occurance on Twitter lately, indicating a significant difference in opinion amongst traders and analysts. Last month, a Twitter user and crypto trader by the name Financial Survivalism (@Sawcruhteez) bet 0.1 BTC with Murad Mahmudov of Adaptive Capital (@MustStopMurad) that Bitcoin will reach $1,165 before it hits $10,200.

These types of bets have drawn some criticism from the community, with some saying they are irresponsible and could negatively affect the value of the cryptocurrency market. However, the ability for users to make and settle bets of this nature so easily represent some of the real-life use cases of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $3,730, down from a high of around $3,830 last week.

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