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Gemini’s New Ad Campaign Stresses More “Rules” In Crypto

It logically follows that if the cryptocurrency markets are meant to grow, that more investors have to be brought in. As a result, this means that more cryptocurrency exchanges have to advertise their services in order to increase exposure and awareness.

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange backed by the famous Winklevoss brothers, have released a new ad campaign. The campaign is notable in that it seems to stress increased regulation and rules for the sector.

About The Campaign

For those who are unaware, the Winklevoss brothers founded Gemini Trust Co. in 2014. The advertisements include slogans that seem to indicate that the cryptocurrency markets are too chaotic and unregulated. The advertisements include slogans such as “Crypto Without Chaos”, and “The Revolution Needs Rules”.

Chris Roan, the head of marketing at Gemini, elaborated on the strategy, stating: “We believe that investors coming into cryptocurrency deserve the exact same protections as investors in more traditional markets, adhering to the same standards, practices, regulations and compliance protocols.”

More Regulation

Gemini is not the first company to suggest that more regulation is necessary for the industry. However, there are many in the cryptocurrency community that emphasize that decentralization is a focal tenet of the entire concept of cryptocurrency. Many believe that a balance must be struck so that investors and traders are protected, but innovation in the industry can still thrive.

Neha Narula is the director of the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, and states: “There is a huge problem with market integrity, with consumer protection, and we definitely need to make sure that regulations are being enforced where they apply.” However, she recognizes that regulation can be restricting, adding: “I wouldn’t want it to get to a case with crypto where innovation is stifled because it’s too expensive for them to comply with regulation.”

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