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Introducing Instant: The Seamless Token Purchase Platform from 0x

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The team behind 0x has been working hard to improve upon its asset tokenization project. When 0x began life last year it had plans to create a system where all assets – including stocks, bonds, commodities, licenses, and even real estate – can be tokenized and traded freely via the blockchain.

The idea is that businesses develop their services on the 0x blockchain and create an environment where their assets can be converted into Ethereum ERC20 or ERC721 tokens. They then act as ‘relayers’ to facilitate the transactions of assets between a wide variety of markets.

Now 0x intend to improve upon the current system with Instant – a token purchase platform that can be built into websites or apps to provide a seamless, one-click buying experience. 0x CEO Will Warren explained how the new system would vastly improve the way in which users take part in various platforms and in doing so, incentivize further interaction.

“0x Instant will further enable these markets to develop as it dramatically lowers the time and effort required to add crypto purchasing to apps and websites,” he said.

Companies which are already using the Instant system include Augur, Coinbase and GoinGecko. Hosts can reportedly be rewarded up to 5% commission on each transaction, which is designed to further adoption.

The Instant system comes with an off-the-shelf user-interface (UI) design which can be integrated into any website or app by merely copying a section of code. Developers can then use the Instant Configurator to select various options, including which tokens they want available and the amount of affiliate fees on offer.

For businesses that require a more complex solution, the AssetBuyer engine is available to provide full control and customization over how the system is integrated.

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