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KODAKCoin Gets Support from F1 Champ Alonso


Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula One champion, has adopted Kodak’s new blockchain image protection platform to manage his copyright needs. The platform, called KodakOne, works in combination with KODAKCoin tokens to manage image licensing, increase payment efficiency and reward users.

Kodak, in collaboration with WENN Digital Inc, developed the KODAKCoin blockchain project as a way for celebrities, sports stars and media professionals to control how their photographs, videos and personal images are used. It hopes to see the platform function as an automated legal system to ‘police’ copyright infringement in an efficient and less costly manner.

In a press release on June 28, it was announced that WENN Digital has signed an agreement with Alonso to make KODAKCoin the exclusive image protection solution for the F1 star. The platform will aid the racing driver in monitoring licenses and registering images and videos using the safe and incorruptible nature of blockchain technology.

In addition, the system will allow fans to be ‘rewarded’ for uploading and registering their own media of Alonso.

CCO of WENN Digital, Benedikt Dohnanyl, says the company has received a large amount of interest from various players in the media rights industry and they hope to start signing up new clients in the near future.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Alonso stated his excitement at being able to reward fans for their creativity:

I’m very excited to know that I have the ability to reward my fans and professional photographers for their creativity and that the content they produce can be protected by a single platform.”

Image From Shutterstock

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