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Kolkata Newborn is First in Indian State of Bengal to get Blockchain-based Birth Certificate

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A month-old baby has become the first in the Indian state of Bengal to have its birth certificate stored via blockchain technology.

The Times of India reports Divit Biyani’s name and date of birth were stored on a virtual block by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority. The baby’s father, Varun Biyani, who owns Kolkata-based logistics management software company Super Procure, showcased the certificate at a two-day global blockchain congress in the city.

He said he was glad the government is providing new technological opportunities for citizens to store information in a way that is more secure and prevents manipulation. Storing information such as birth certificates on the blockchain provides additional security against cyber-attacks due to the incorruptible and highly encrypted nature of the technology.

Blockchain for Identity Security

Birth certificates on the blockchain are not a new thing, with the U.S. state of Illinois piloting a similar platform as far back as September last year. Projects such as these, whilst still in their infancy, represent a move towards improvements in identity security.

Similar projects have been proposed to help refugees who are at risk of losing identity documents in times of war or displacement. Through fingerprints, social media accounts or facial recognition technology, a user’s details could be retrieved from anywhere in the world whilst remaining immune to tampering or corruption.

In July this year, the Australian government signed a 5-year deal with IBM to provide blockchain security to tax and border control procedures.

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