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Luxury Crypto Service Brings In $250 Million During Bear Market

There’s no doubt that there are international headlines everywhere about “crypto winter”, given the fact that the cryptocurrency markets have lost hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization. However, believe it or not, there are still cryptocurrency-related companies that have managed to survive.

In fact, one company in particular has done quite well for itself during the bear market. That company is The White Company, a cryptocurrency concierge service that has managed to record $250 million worth of transactions while many other companies are either reorganizing or going under.

About The Company

Unsurprisingly, many cryptocurrency investors are worried about an impending “crypto doom”. Although it might sound counterintuitive, these investors are looking to convert their crypto into luxury fiat goods before their holdings lose more value. While one might believe that a service such as The White Company would go under, or at least remain stagnant, during the bear market, it has apparently done quite well for itself.

The company allows crypto owners to purchase goods using various cryptocurrencies. This, of course, includes Bitcoin (BTC), as well as Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, and its native token, White Standard (WSD).

More Information

For those wondering about the kind of goods that can be purchased – they are luxury items of all kinds. This includes exotic cars such as the Aston Martin Vantage, on sale for 61.736 Bitcoin (BTC), and a Waylon mink fur for 9.317 BTC. The company also offers art, jewelry, watches, and other products, as well.

Regardless of the markets, the company has gotten coverage from some notable media outlets, including Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes, and more. In addition, the WSD token currently sits at a price of 79 cents, with a market capitalization of around $347,000.

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