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Major European Supermarket to Trace Milk on the Blockchain

The major European supermarket chain Carrefour is to begin using blockchain technology to track and trace its milk supply, reports TNW.

The technology will enable the supermarket to provide consumers with important information regarding the origin, quality and agricultural nature of the milk. Many customers, especially those looking for organic goods, have become increasingly concerned recently with the way in which their food is sourced. However, existing supply chain technology has faced numerous issues in providing reliable and trustworthy information at each step along the way. Blockchain technology offers a solution that is not only reliable and transparent but highly automated and easy to implement.

Customers can use their smartphones to scan a QR code on Carrefour’s milk products, which will then load the data into their phone. Information provided includes GPS coordinates of the farm, the type of feed the cattle received, the route the product took and even stakeholder names. It will initially only be used on Carrefour’s Quality Line micro-filtered full-fat milk but will likely be rolled out to more products over time. The milk is produced at the Gillot dairy and sourced from cows fed only on GMO-free feed and raised on animal-friendly farms.

A growing interest in blockchain for supply chain

Carrefour has previously used blockchain technology to track its Quality Line oranges and some of its Auvergne line of food products, including chickens, eggs, and tomatoes. Across many sectors, blockchain has proven to be very helpful in the provision of supply data related to food quality, shipping and health, and safety. IBM is leading the charge in developing blockchain-based supply chain systems and has entered into collaborations with some of the world’s largest food suppliers including Unilever and Nestle.

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