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Mcafee Is In Exile, Out Of The United States

There might not be a more controversial figure in the cryptocurrency world than Mcafee, who has been open about everything from his love of drugs and prostitutes to the fact that he believes his enemies poisoned him not too long ago. He has also been open about the fact that he has not paid taxes in years.

It appears as though the Internal Revenue Service, the tax collection agency of the United States, has taken issue with Mcafee, who has decided to flee the country.

Announcement Made

Mcafee is one of the most popular cryptocurrency influencers in the world, with almost 900,000 followers. He took to Twitter to announce that he was now running his presidential campaign from exile, where he seemed to reiterate the fact that governments were “head to head” with cryptocurrency. You can find the tweet here:


Mcafee appears to be framing his own personal tax issues in a bigger narrative, where governments are making too much off of income taxes, and that they need to shrink and “find new means”. He also insists that he has not paid taxes, and has even told the IRS that he has no intentions of doing so.

Further Details

Mcafee is leaving specifically because he states that a grand jury has convened to charge him, his wife, and others who work for him, with “unspecified crimes of a felonius nature.” It is clear that Mcafee has no plans to stop his campaign, as he plans to continue the campaign in exile.

Mcafee believes the United States government ultimately wants him in jail, stating: “I will not allow them to imprison me and shut my voice down.” This is not the first time that Mcafee has been in legal trouble, as he made international headlines for being a “person of interest” in a murder case in Belize. According to another tweet of his, Mcafee appears to be on his way to Venezuela:



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