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McAfee’s Unhackable BitFi Wallet wins Lamest Vendor Response Award

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The apparently ‘unhackable’ cryptocurrency wallet developed by BitFi in collaboration with crypto-shiller John McAfee has won the ‘Pwnie’ award for ‘Lamest Vendor Response’.

Following a challenge offered by McAfee for anyone to hack the wallet and a $250,000 reward to anyone who is successful, a 15-year-old hacker uploaded a video to Youtube of himself playing Doom on the wallet. The hacker, Rashid Saleem, performed the stunt in response to a tweet by cybersecurity expert Ryan Castelluci who said the device looked like a cheap Android phone and “someone will probably have Doom running on it by Friday.”

In response to the video, McAfee claimed the wallet had not really been hacked since no cryptocurrency was stolen. He then went on to make a further tweet which resulted in him and BitFi being awarded the Lamest Vendor Response award.

“Please understand that the Bitfi wallet is a major threat to Ledger and Trezor because it renders their technology obsolete. So they hired an army of trolls to try to ruin our reputation (which is ok because the truth always prevails)”, he said.

Making a comparison to the super popular and secure Ledger and Trezor wallets is a bit of an over-zealous claim when your wallet just got hacked by a 15-year-old playing Doom.

The ‘Pwnies’ are tongue-in-cheek awards offered at the annual Black Hat Security Conference for innovation in information security.

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