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New Fitness App Lympo Enlist Dallas Mavericks for Launch

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Blockchain-based health and fitness startup Lympo have partnered up with none other than basketball superstars the Dallas Mavericks to launch their new app.

The app is the result of a two-month LYM token sale that was completed earlier this year and raised over $10 million for the project. The LYM coin has grown by over 300% against the dollar since the sale.

An early beta version of the app has already been tested by thousands of people and other sports celebrities have joined in to show their support, including Danish tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki who won the Australian Open this year.

The Lympo app aims to encourage exercise and fitness through rewards in the form of LYM tokens. The app tracks and monitors activities such as gym visits and calories burnt. Trading cryptocurrencies, unfortunately, is not counted as exercise.

Due to its open-source and decentralized nature, the app will be able to interact with other wearable fitness devices through applications developed for its platform. This means it should enjoy a broad scope of adoption throughout the fitness world.

LYM tokens that users receive as rewards can be spent on various products in the Lympo marketplace including lessons with one of the 500+ fitness trainers that Lympo has enrolled to support the app.

The partnership with the Dallas Mavericks provides users the ability to purchase Mavericks game tickets with their LYM tokens and as the brand grows, similar new partnerships will add more and more features and products to the Lympo catalog.

The Lympo system will also enable the sharing of data to help tailor products and services to specific customers and improve the overall user experience of the app. Lympo is working hard to encourage other startups in the fitness industry through their crowdfunding feature.

LYM is currently trading at $0.12 with a market valuation of almost $93 million.

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