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Official South Africa Cricket Account Hacked, Offers Fake Bitcoin (BTC) Lottery

Those who have lived or traveled internationally probably understand that there is one sport that truly dominates and captivates the entire world, and that would be soccer. In fact, if you break down the numbers, a majority of the entire world follows soccer, as it boasts over 4 billion fans. However, the second-most popular sport in the world is cricket, which has billions of fans of its own.

Cricket is much more than a sport in certain countries such as India, the second most-populous country in the world. Cricket is also extremely popular in South Africa. Unfortunately, an official Twitter account associated with the South African cricket board was compromised by cryptocurrency hackers.

Incident Details

The account that was compromised is @OfficialCSA, and its Twitter bio describes itself as “the custodians of cricket in South Africa.” The account boasts over 1 million followers.

Once the account was compromised, it tweeted out that “@OfficialCSA was partnering with @lunomoney for the first South African Bitcoin Lottery” (although it misspelled the word “first). Like many Twitter cryptocurrency scams, the tweet then asked followers to send .01 BTC to a certain Bitcoin (BTC) address in order for a chance to win 20 BTC.

Issue Resolved

The official Twitter account of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the global governing body that was founded over a century ago, acknowledged the fact that the account was compromised. The account has over 8 million followers, and warned users in a tweet to “not click on any links or engage with the account until such time as this is rectified”:

Luckily, the @OfficialCSA account was ultimately restored, and in a series of tweets, the ICC “welcomed the account back”, showing a GIF of South African cricket fans celebrating:

The company involved with the incident also made sure to distance itself from the tweet, stating that no partnership with CSA had been formed:



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