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Ozzy Osbourne to Launch CryptoBatz NFT Range

Seventies rock icon Ozzy Osbourne is the latest in a string of celebrities to jump on the NFT bandwagon with the launch of his collection, CryptoBatz. The musician, popular for hits like Crazy Train and Iron Man, has chosen the bat theme to immortalize the world famous occasion when, in a moment of confusion, he accidentally bit off a bat’s head while performing on stage in 1982.

Cryptobatz will consist of 9666 unique NFTs, each allegedly designed with creative input from the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself. The collection was created in colloboration with Sutter Systems and is set to go on sale in mid-January next year.

The explosion of NFTs in pop culture has no doubt helped drive this adoption, introducing millions of new followers to the world of crypto and blockchain technology.

Early this year, the Collins Dictionary named NFT as Word of the Year, despite it technically being an acronym (Non-fungible Token) rather than an actual word. The decision came following a year where NFTs took the world by storm, reaching a peak when the digital artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) sold an NFT for $69 million.

The cryptocurrency industry has done well this year, with leading crypto Bitcoin climbing from $10k late last year to hit a new all-time high (ATH) of $69,000 on November 9th. It would seem the spectacular growth throughout 2021 combined with institutional investment and global adoption has finally pushed blockchain technology into the mainstream.

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