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Pascal Boyart Hides Bitcoin (BTC) In His Latest Mural

If you follow the news – you should be aware that France is experiencing a grassroots political movement that has made international news headlines multiple times in 2018. The movement is called the “yellow vests” movement, and the focus is on economic justice. The catalyst for the movement was a fuel price hike, in addition to already high costs of living in the country, and involves demonstrations that include blocking roads. Some of the protests have even turned into full-on riots, as well.

In fact, CryptocoinSpy reported earlier that the movement has even created its own cryptocurrency, as well. The cryptocurrency is called the GiletJuanceCoin (GJCO), and aims to provide an economic infrastructure for those involved in the movement. It appears as though a famous cryptocurrency artist by the name of Pascal Boyart has commemorated the movement, and also inserted a puzzle into the artwork that contains Bitcoin (BTC).

About The Artist

Pascal Boyart is quite famous within the cryptocurrency community, and is notable for being the first mural painter to affix a Bitcoin QR code to his artwork. In his latest piece, he announced a “street art treasure hunt”, where .26 Bitcoin (BTC), or $1000 dollars worth of Bitcoin, was hidden in a puzzle in the work. He announced this on Twitter, where it his pinned tweet:

The art was done in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Boyart is focused on the relationship between art and money in his work, which might explain why he has focused on the cryptocurrency theme in his artwork. This particular piece is called “Liberty Leading The People”, and shows “Lady Liberty” leading yellow vest protestors.

About The Puzzle

It’s important to note that the puzzle cannot be solved remotely, unlike many others who have offered money in “bitcoin puzzles”. In fact, one must be physically in front of the mural -located somewhere in Paris – to solve it. Boyart explained this in an additional tweet:

In fact, a generous user actually added to the bounty, which is now .2845 BTC. As of press time, this means that the individual that solves the puzzle will win $1141.41.


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