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Potcoin (POT) Could Send Dennis Rodman To North Korea Summit

Dennis Rodman crashing a party Boca Raton Florida

In what is potentially one of the more bizarre crypto stories so far this year, the marijuana cryptocurrency PotCoin is in discussions with Dennis Rodman about a potential visit to the US-North Korea summit in Singapore next week.

As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, Rodman’s agent Chris Volo has confirmed that Rodman would like to travel to Singapore to provide President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un with “moral support”.

PotCoin is a Canada-based cryptocurrency that sells itself as a banking solution for the $100 billion legal marijuana industry. It was started specifically to facilitate transactions within the global cannabis industry.

Retired basketball star Rodman is in discussions with PotCoin in the hopes of getting backing to cover the costs of his trip.

This would not be the first time Rodman has been funded by the cryptocurrency. In June last year, the coin benefited from significant price increases after Rodman sported one of their shirts while on a PotCoin-funded trip to North Korea.

PotCoin spokesperson Shawn Perez was quoted as saying the PotCoin team is incredibly supportive of Rodman and believe the political climate between North Korea and the U.S has improved since his involvement.

PotCoin (POT) is trading at $0.09 on the dollar with a current valuation of almost $20.4 million.

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