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Predict the Market with New Crypto Whale Watching App

breaching whale

A new app has been launched that allows you to follow the trends and movements of crypto whales and their investments.

The free app, called, displays the volume of crypto owned by whales in green and red shapes, depending on whether they are buying or selling. The shapes are dots and lines and their size represents volume.

Lines represent orders and hovering over them display the number of orders with the size of each one and the total amount.

Users can select any coin pairings to easily see ‘sell-walls’ or ‘buy-walls’ and investigate who is putting in big orders. The website uses GDAX charts to display sell and buy limits and indicate where walls are.

Trading Benefits

One of the apps biggest benefits is that it allows you to see huge orders that are being placed which may create walls and close certain markets for the day, therefore giving you the ability to make better decisions about your trades.

The information provided is available on GDAX but presented in the app in real-time and in an easy-to-view display.

The developer, Paul Jefferies, explains all the metrics behind the app on his GitHub under his name pmaji. In it, he also provides a financial comparison tool and a whitepaper to walk users through some of the more complex financial terms used in the app.

He has released a youtube video that explains the app in-depth.

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