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Roger Ver Ambushes BTC Core Devs and Posts Video without Permission

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver, recently ambushed two Bitcoin Core developers at Huobi Carnival Korea and forced a surprise interview with them regarding Bitcoin forum moderation.

In the interview, he continually refers to Bitcoin Cash as ‘our’ Bitcoin in his ongoing attempts to promote Bitcoin Cash as the ‘real’ Bitcoin.

He goes on to discuss freedom of speech with Ruben Somsen and questions whether it was a good or bad thing that his posts regarding Bitcoin Cash on the Reddit forums r/BTC and r/Bitcoin are being deleted by moderators. Seeing as Somsen himself is not a moderator on the site and hasn’t read the posts he was understandably unable to give a conclusive answer. Ver, however, would not accept his response and continued to push for an answer despite Somsens explanations.

Somsen explains that since the opinions of the BTC and BCH communities conflict, it would make sense for certain moderation to take place.

Referencing the original Satoshi whitepaper, Ver goes on to question whether Bitcoin Cash has more ‘bitcoiness’ than Bitcoin because it is a true peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Somsen points out that the comparison is irrelevant because the original description as outlined in the white paper is not truly possible, as almost ten years of innovation has revealed.

Ver denied a request by Somsen to see the footage before posting it online.

Earlier, Ver had questioned BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee in a similar vein, asking him whether Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is more likely to bring more freedom to the world. Bobby Lee answered very impartially by stating that he sees BTC and BCH as both Bitcoin in his mind.

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