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Super Crypto Mining Inc to Launch Hydroelectric Mining Farm in New York

hydro electric power

Super Crypto Mining, a subsidiary of disruptive and sustainable solutions developer DPW Holdings, is planning to leverage the renewable energy of a hydroelectric power plant to run a crypto mining farm in New York.

The facility will be located at the 1-megawatt Valatie Falls hydroelectric dam in upstate New York, near Sarasota Springs.

The crypto mining farm will utilize DPW’s proprietary AntEater miner which was developed in collaboration with Samsung Semiconductors. The move represents ongoing efforts by the crypto-mining community to find low-cost, efficient and sustainable ways to make cryptocurrency mining more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable mining efforts

Massive increases in power usage by crypto mining operations this year have led to questions regarding the sustainability of proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains in the future. Without low-cost, efficient power sources, the need for continually-growing amounts of electricity could eventually make mining unprofitable.

A number of research papers have surfaced this year revealing that global cryptocurrency mining uses more electricity than several of the world’s smaller countries, including large sections of eastern Europe and almost all of Africa.

In February this year plans were announced by South African entrepreneur Eric Krige for a hydro, geothermal and wind-powered crypto mining facility in Iceland called The Moonlite Project. More recently, separate plans were announced for a 37,000-acre wind farm to power a crypto-mining facility in the African nation of Morocco.

The Valatie Falls hydroelectric plant will go through a series of much-needed upgrades before the launch of the facility later this year.

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