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The Word ‘Bitcoin’ Gaining Recognition

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With acceptance from popular board game Scrabble, it now appears Bitcoin is becoming recognized more frequently in mainstream media and news – outside of just cryptocurrency circles.

Scrabble announced yesterday its intention to add Bitcoin to a list of 300 new words that will now be accepted on the language-focused educational board game. Players win points by forming words out of random tiled letters, each with a different point value depending on their frequency of use in language. Letters like ‘Q’ and ‘Z’ have a higher point value due to their rarity. Words that are not on the official Scrabble list will not be accepted.

While admittedly the addition may not change the value of the cryptocurrency in the immediate future, it shows a growing acceptance amongst popular culture.

It’s not a particularly new phenomenon though, with quite a few TV shows actually featuring Bitcoin over the past years. HBO’s Silicon Valley aired a number of episodes featuring Bitcoin back in 2014 when very few people knew what it was. A few months later, the hugely famous cartoon The Simpsons aired an episode called ‘Clowns in the Dumps’ which featured the words “Accepting Bitcoin” in the intro.  

More recently, popular TV-show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” aired a question featuring Bitcoin and Blockchain in Australia this week. The question read:

The technology that enables cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to function is called what?”

The four possible answers included: “Blockchain, Macrobond, Hyperlink, and Brickstring.”

Apparently, though, the contender passed on the question – indicating that, in Australia at least, Bitcoin still requires some much-needed further exposure.

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