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Turkey Establishes Blockchain Innovation Centre

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Bahcesehir University (BAU) in Istanbul, the transcontinental capital of The Republic of Turkey, has held an inauguration ceremony for the countries first ever blockchain education centre.

The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Centre (BlockchainIST) will give students training in cryptographic and distributed ledger technology in order to prepare them for the growing numbers of jobs that the sector promises to provide.

Recent reports by popular career and skills website Upwork suggests that in the U.S. the need for freelance blockchain developers is surpassed only by the demand for robotics engineers.

Director of BlockchainIST, Bora Erdamar, says that a number of skilled blockchain professionals in Turkey will be working alongside students at the institute on real-world applications of cryptographic and DLT technology. International exposure will also be introduced into the curriculum via the employment of blockchain experts from abroad.

BlockchainIST is the first institute of its kind to operate from a university. Erdamar sees the digital economy in Turkey growing rapidly and believes the country could become a leader in blockchain tech.

The nearby University of Nicosia in Cyprus has also taken the reigns in developing groundbreaking blockchain education and offers students the opportunity to do a Masters Degree in Digital Currency via its online portal. The University of Malta (UoM) has announced that it will also start offering a similar degree course in October this year.

As with the dot-com boom of the late nineties, as DLT and blockchain technology grows the industry will need to drive education in order to fill demand in the sector.

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